About me

My name is Sarah Phillips and I'm wild about flowers...

I live and breathe them. When I go to bed at night and shut my eyes, little pops of colour and petals float about in my head...

It's no joke: when it comes to flowers I can't switch off. When I'm not being a florist you'll find me pottering in my garden, or nosying around other people's gardens for inspiration (my favourite is Harlow Carr).

I think my love of flowers 'stems' from a childhood spent sat in a pram in a field, while my Mum, a farmer’s wife and wedding florist, picked daffodils. As I grew older I helped her by filling buckets and sweeping up foliage as she decorated our local church.

I live in Saltaire with my husband Tim, two kids, George and Violet and. my dog, Reggie. I'm always full of energy, I love rollerskating and I hate bad design!

Sarah Phillips
I often use my own home-grown flowers and local foliage within my work. Of course, it’s not always possible to buy British, but it’s important to me that I promote local growers wherever possible. For more information on using British Flowers check out the website britishflowersweek.com.
You'll find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and most definitely Instagram. Follow me for regular updates from home and work, plus gorgeous images from the wonderful weddings I'm lucky enough to be involved in.
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